THE CONVIVIALIST  is Shauna Lott and Bre Graziano: we’re on a mission to create beautiful and pleasing events in Colorado and beyond. We thrive when we’re creative and utilizing our artistic direction to make people feel valued and loved as a result of the services we provide.

On an unassuming day in early 2013, we met for the first time over brews at Avery Brewing Company. Two midwestern-raised, brown-haired, twenty-something gals with similar hopes and entrepreneurial dreams—we became fast friends and cheerleaders as we both launched our individual businesses.

Shauna is the founder of The Long I Pie and Bre is the founder  of Fellow Magazine. Each company is rooted in providing the opportunity for others to experience life in beautiful and tangible ways, a value that The Convivialist is also strongly built upon.

Along the way, we’ve teamed up to plan events for our respective businesses. It became apparent that our connection to each other and to the community around us made us the perfect pair to plan and execute some of the finest events and gatherings throughout the state of Colorado.

Now, we’re making it official by providing our expertise and experience as The Conviviliast Team. Conviviality is a term that perfectly describes us as individuals and as a duo—we’re extremely fond of feasting, drinking, and good company. We thrive in environments that include these elements. It nourishes our minds, bodies, and souls. Our desire is to provide the same experience for you and your guests. We want our people to enjoy their moments fully—whatever the occasion may be.